Adventure Day at the Florida Springs

I should have known something was up when Mom started packing my saddlebag with bottles of water and a cooler full of more water and colored human drinks (Gatorade). She kept going into the closet where she usually gets my leash and poop baggies and I was getting excited thinking I was going on a normal walk. Nope. Instead, Mom surprised me with a visit to a place called Wekiwa Springs.


Is that a squirrel or a koala bear?


This is on Wekiwa Island.


Which way should we go?


There were lots of humans, big and small, swimming in the cool water, canoeing and kayaking down the river. We didn’t go into a canoe this time (dogs aren’t allowed on the rentals but they’re okay if you bring your own canoe or kayak) but we walked around and explored some trails. I was mesmerized by the playful squirrels chasing each other around a tree. They were a lot bigger than the ones in my backyard. I was even a little intimidated, said no dog ever (hee hee).

Then we encountered a prehistoric looking turtle. This thing was HUGE! And it didn’t seem very scared of me. I think we were both curious about each other.


He was actually crawling toward me. Big fella!

I love being outside and exploring new scents. There was a lot to take in at this place. I hope Mom brings me there again soon. Maybe even take me canoeing one day. A dog can dream!


My new favorite place.

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Free Piggy Back Rides

They say patience is a virtue. If that is true then I’m overflowing with virtues. My moms think it’s funny to mess with me when I’m feeling a bit snoozy. They thought their “Piggy Back” joke was pretty hilarious. I’m glad they have each other to laugh at their silly jokes.


There are times when I just don’t get humans.




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Family Date Night Downtown

At first, it was a typical week night, like the others. Moms came home from work and played with me then changed their fur into more comfortable fur. When I saw them start putting on their shoes and gathering their keys, I became sad because that usually means they are going to leave me alone again while they go hunt for food or whatever it is they do.

When I heard them call my name and ask if I wanted to go for a ride, I about lost it. I immediately jumped off the end of the couch (one of my sulking and pouting areas) and ran to the front coat closet where my leash hangs. I make sure to sit up straight with my chest puffed out a little to let them know I’m in good dog behavior mode.

Mom leashed me up and we loaded up in the car. I love riding in the car and sticking my head out the window as the wind slaps across my muzzle and flips my ears. Sometimes the wind goes up my nose and makes me sneeze all over the window and whichever mom is sitting in the passenger seat.

The ride alone is so much fun to me but then we stopped and got out at a big park with a lake and a fountain in the middle. I didn’t care so much about that as much as I cared about the giant mean swans and all of the other dogs walking with their moms and dads.


This is that big lake I was telling you about.

We walked around the lake and stopped at this strange giant woman trying to swim on the ground. After a few pictures Moms and I walked into the downtown area looking for a place to eat.


Never seen anything like this before.

We ended up at a place called the Wall Street Cantina and I got to eat my very own hamburger. It was so delicious and gone in less than 5 seconds. A nice lady came and brought me a bowl of water too.


There were lots of scents for me to pick up at this place.


This is me being lazy after eating my yummy kiddie burger.

Several people came over and pet my head. I liked the attention. As we were leaving I had a few words for this Great Dane who was running down the street with his Dad. Mom corrected me and told me behave. Which I did.

Family Date Nights are my favorite nights, right next to every night I get to spend with my Moms! I can’t wait to do it again!


Family Date Nights ROCK!

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Adventures in Dog Behavior Training – Part 1

Moms invited a dog behavior trainer to come visit us this week because they are trying to figure out why I’ve become so dominant and sometimes aggressive toward other dogs who challenge me in my own household. I really didn’t see this coming since I’ve done nothing wrong. It all started a few weeks ago when I got into a fight with Romeo, our latest rescue Chihuahua. Romeo is recovering nicely now but Moms got upset about the whole thing. I was just doing what the Alpha dog was supposed to be doing. I was making the rules, claiming everything to be mine and pretty much calling the shots around the house.


Paying attention to the lesson.

When the trainer stopped by after moms got home from work one day, I quickly took a liking to him. He was tall, strong and barely paid any attention to me at first. He talked to my moms for awhile before finally acknowledging me. I really wanted to play frisbee with him and kept dropping frisbees at his feet and barking at him when he didn’t pay attention to me. He didn’t like that and quickly put me in my place or just ignored me. I will get it eventually.

So the trainer put a chain necklace on me and attached a leash to it. Mom has used this kind before but it’s been awhile. Lately she’s been using the Gentle Leader which is my least favorite. We all went around to the front of the house and began walking up and down the street. The trainer man gave me direction and taught me how I’m supposed to walk next to him. I liked what he was doing.

The trainer told Moms that I was seeking discipline and to be told what to do. I needed directions to follow and when I have them I am a good dog. I’m not supposed to be the one making the decisions in this family but since Moms weren’t doing it, I stepped in. Moms could tell I was happier walking with the trainer since he was the one in charge.

Overall, the trainer said I was a well behaved dog I just need to step down from the Alpha position and let my Mom stand there instead. We’ve been working on a few techniques which are helping to conquer “the walk” which is an important part of a dog’s life. The walk isn’t just about peeing and chasing squirrels. It’s actually more like a training session when done right.

I don’t know for a fact but I can sense something different with my Moms. We all seem happier with this new knowledge. Our next adventure will be an outing with the trainer to see how well I can behave in a setting populated with people and other dogs. I’m looking forward to it! Hopefully he’ll let me show him my frisbee skills next time!


All smiles!

**Trainer Paul Pipitone from Dog’s Best Friend of central Florida

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Beautiful Sunday

Having some pool time while Moms do their thing around the house. Today is the kind of day where you just have to hang out outside, even if it means doing chores two days in a row. The sun is shining so big and bright, nothing but blue skies up above, the air is crisp and cool; this is the end of our Florida Winter season. I’m loving it.

Haylee Pool Sunday 14

Frisbee and Pool. Wake me up ’cause I must be dreaming.

Haylee Funny Pool Face

This is too much fun.

Haylee Frisbee Air Catch

A little bit of Frisbee? Why, yes, thank you.

Romeo Soaking Up The Sun

Romeo basking in the sun.


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My weekend on the ranch



I’m ready to go.


Are we there yet?

This was my first trip to River Ranch, a dude ranch resort out in the middle of Florida. Although the drive was pretty long for my short attention span (about an hour and a half from Orlando), I enjoyed as many new scents as I could along the way. I’ve never been to a ranch before. There were all of these animals I’ve never seen except perhaps on Animal Planet. Some of the animals were smaller than me, but then there were these huge furry things that seemed to like me even though I barked at them when I first saw them. My bark was more from excitement than anything.





We went for walks, I sniffed so many blades of grass and tree trunks. We played lots of frisbee outside and I found a few mud puddles I just had to roll around in. Even the mud was different here. It was so much fun getting dirty. It wasn’t as much fun when Mom bathed me three times in one weekend.


Having lots of fun here.


More frisbee.


I love this cowboy ranch life!

Overall my first trip to the ranch was successful. I had a lot of fun with my moms and their family. I suggest you experience the wild west of Florida at River Ranch when you get a chance. And don’t forget you can bring your canine children with you when you come visit.


So much fun!



Ranch dog in the house.

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Dixie’s Story

Dixie Recue Me You

This is the story of Dixie. The dog we rescued and brought into our home. Unfortunately I couldn’t force Haylee to like Dixie, and the tension increased over time leading me to find Dixie a new home. A nice home with good people who fell in love with her at first sight. She’s a special dog and deserves to be spoiled. I’m about to send her a care package with some fun goodies. It’s a late Christmas present. I think about her a lot and miss her cute under bite and crazy fence climbing. It makes my heart happy though knowing she’s in a good place now.

” Sweet and cuddly brindle Boxer-Greyhound mix, seeking a loving home. We found her wandering the streets of Orlando, skin and bones and wearing a tag with her name on one side and the name & phone number of the woman who abandoned her on the other side.”

(Orlando, Florida)

Garbage day used to be one of Dixie’s favorite days of the week. She was almost guaranteed to find some scraps of food in somebody’s bag of trash left out for the waste management to take. The neighbors garbage was her only chance to put something in her belly ever since her Owner decided to leave her in the back yard of the house she abandoned. I can only imagine what this 1-year-old puppy must have gone through before she was abandoned, let alone during the weeks she was forced to survive on her own in the summer of 2012.

I first caught sight of her one morning when I was walking my dog before work. She lifted her head from the trash bag and looked at me curiously. Her tail wagged but as we approached she turned and bolted through the broken fence. She came back out after we continued walking only to be scolded at by the next door neighbor who’s trash bag she tore up all over his driveway in search for food. When I looked back and saw him chasing after her with a shovel, I knew I had to intervene. I walked home then walked back down the road to where I saw this hungry, scared skinny pup, with a leash in my hand, determined to bring her home where she would be safe.

That happened over year ago in August of 2012. Ever since that day, Dixie has had a roof over her head, two bowls of food a day, plenty of fresh water available, vaccinations, heartworm preventative and flea preventive every month, a new collar, lots and lots of toys, a nice cozy bed to sleep on, trips to the dog park, walks on her very own leash every day and as much love as she could possibly take.

I really wanted her to work out in our pack, but since day one, there has been a little tension between my 4 1/2 year old dog Haylee and Dixie. Dixie’s fearful submissive personality was clashing with Haylee’s dominant aggressive personality. The fights would usually be over a bone or me and each time there would be blood drawn by both. Haylee is a much stronger dog and Dixie is not a fighter at all. She won’t even flee the scene.

There were many many more good days than there were bad. I have tons of photos of the two of them sleeping and cuddling together, playing tug and eating next to each other, we’ve all shared the same bed a lot of times when I would give in to their sad puppy-dog eyes.

With our most recent move into our new home, things have escalated badly and fast. Dixie was terrified of Haylee, but still wanting to please her, and Haylee wouldn’t back down. Before, I was able to predict a fight before it occurred because it usually happened over these certain bones. Then it got to the point where I couldn’t predict them anymore and I wasn’t seeing any signs to help me figure out what the problem was.

Dixie began skipping meals even when I have them fenced off inside separately or in separate rooms. She’s stopped wagging her tail when she’s in the house and seems like she is constantly in fear. It sucked. This broke my heart and wasn’t fair to anyone, most especially Dixie. All I’ve wanted was for her to be safe and never have to worry about food, shelter, and love ever again. I knew I could give it to her and take good care of her but I wasn’t planning on Haylee not getting along with her.

So now, as much as it hurts me, I’m having to find her another warm, welcoming and loving home. Hopefully this one will be the last one for her. She deserves to be happy because she has so much love to give and will give her Owner just that.

Dixie is: * 2 years old (birthday July 24 2011) * 45 lbs * Up to date on ALL vaccinations * Spayed * Submissive personality, aims to please * Very Social (loves dogs although she gets along better with smaller ones) * Human friendly (she likes humans more than dogs) * Appreciates EVERY toy she is given * Super fast, needs to be walked or jogged every day * Is currently on Heartguard (Heartworm Preventative) * Is currently on Advantix II (flea & tick preventative) * Scared of water although she’s a lot better at bath time (baths 1-2x month)

Currently Dixie is living in her new home with her new family that loves her very much. She’s been there since August of 2013. I check in with them to see how she’s doing every now and then.


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Our Newest Little Addition: Welcome to the family Romeo

This little guy followed Mom and I home from our morning walk last week. Of course Mom let him inside the yard and then eventually inside the house. He’s been to the doggie doctor a couple of times already and smells a lot better now. He’s not scratching any more either. ( I was going to get upset if I started getting bitten by fleas.)


He’s kinda cute I guess.



That’s a serious look there Romeo!

We don’t know much about this guy except he likes dogs a lot, humans take a little longer for him to warm up to, he’s a typical boy dog excited by the females, he’s a little underweight but that is changing now that he gets two meals a day and doesn’t have hookworm anymore, he has no microchip or collar and nobody in the area has responded to the internet postings or the newspaper ads. Moms are pretty sure he’s been abandoned and have decided to take him in as long as we get along together. So far so good. He’s not so bad when he’s not up my butt or trying to mount me. I just shake my head at this little guy and politely growl to let him know that nothing is going to happen like that. I overheard Moms talking about another doggie doctor visit for him soon that will curb his natural urges to mate with me. Which is a good thing because I’m not interested in him like that.

Mom Too named him Romeo since he’s sweet and likes to give the ladies kisses. I feel bad for the little bugger having lost his family and all. We can be his family now, and he will be taken care of well. I will try to learn how to share. I really do enjoy being an only dog but Mom’s are always trying to help homeless dogs and I suppose it wouldn’t hurt me to join them. 


It’s my Mini-Me!

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It’s Gonna Be a Happy New Year

Goodbye 2013. It’s been quite a year. We had some gains and we has some losses but we lived each day to it’s fullest. My foster sister Dixie has found a great home not so far from us, we moved into a new house where moms say we’re going to be staying in for the next 30 years, I won first place in a disc catching competition, I won fifth place in another one, we were followed home by two lost dogs and Mom brought them into my yard and home which didn’t make me very happy but then she eventually found the owners thanks to Facebook posts and was able to reunite them, a month later they were running around in our neighborhood and wound up on our doorstep and mom and I walked them back to their owners house, Moms through me the best birthday party and I got so many presents during the whole month, I went on lots and lots of walks almost every day, I played lots and lots of Frisbee pretty much every day (we have a bit of a routine and Frisbee is part of my daily diet) um….I discovered the grunting pig toy and then I discovered the squawking bird, I cuddled A LOT, let me think…I’m sure there is a lot more I’m leaving out. Like how Moms dressed me in two costumes and took millions of pictures of me because they are obsessed. Okay, my point is I’ve had a great year and I’m looking forward to 2014. Let’s keep educating people to punish the deed not the breed, continue to rid Breed Specific Legislation and the discrimination against certain breeds, continue to set examples of responsible dog ownership, and build our voices for the homeless pet population. Those are just some of my resolutions and goals.

 Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

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Hamming it up as usual

Hamming it up as usual

I love my new blanket.

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